"I am inspired by the natural world and influenced by manmade environments. Whether I examine a plant through the lens of a microscope, or look out at a city through the windows of a skyscraper, I notice structural relationships: rhythm, repetition, gradation, proportion, and line. "

Sher Novak uses the properties of metal to visually interpret structural complexities, both natural and industrial. She is fascinated with pattern, playing with shape to make interesting components that are configured in beautiful ways. 

Novak uses forming techniques to make jewelry that shows the marks of her hammer. Three-dimensional shapes are coaxed out of sterling silver and bimetal with specialized hammers, stakes, and anvils. Metal sheet is folded, hammered, and unfolded to reveal new form. 

After a career as a pattern maker in the fashion industry, Novak earned a BFA in Jewelry/Metal from the California College of the Arts in 2015. She enjoys every moment she spends in the studio.